Low Profile Vee (LPV)

The proven Weiss McNair tractor mount center delivery V-Sweeper is now offered in a Low Profile Vee (LPV) for sweeping in orchards with narrow rows and bushy trees where a one way sweeper could not operate. The sweeper heads are 4 bar tine bar type.

Product Specifications

LPV Sweeper Widths

  • 10', 12', 14'

Transport Width

  • 7 1/2'

Oil Requirements

  •  8 GPM

Sweeper Controls

  Electric over Hydraulic "Manual"
  Electric over Hydraulic "Auto Mode"

Tractor Requirement

  • 60 Horsepower PTO
  • 100 Horsepower PTO with blower


  Posifloat® Brush Assembly - adds 2' - 4' additional sweeping width