836 P.T.O. Hazelnut Harvester

Weiss McNair's 836 Hazelnut harvester is designed specifically for the unique conditions of the hazelnut industry. The optional elevator mud brush keeps the chain free of mud to allow for increased air flow; the front feed paddle wheels prevent leaf pile-up in front of the side plates; a new leaf hood has increased the air velocity, resulting in an increased cleaning efficiency; and the vacuum, which has an easy access hinged opening and a larger trash capacity, allows for faster ground speed.

Product Specifications
H.P. Requirement minimum 60 H.P.
P.T.O. Shaft 35 Series
Gear Box Heavy-duty Superior
Vacuum Fan 6 Abrasion resistant steel bolt-on blades
Dirt Chain 36" wide
Pickup Type 36" drum, w/front feed paddle wheels for 48" wide windrows
Windrow Capacity 48 inches
Elevator Drive Hydraulic with speed control. Rubber covered drive rollers
Options All wire pickup flites; Extended elevator; Elevator chain mud brush
Dimensions Length: 209"
Wheelbase: 80 1/2"
Height: 76"