2830 Sweeper (Int'l)


The 2830 Sweeper is a high power, high efficiency sweeper  for our international market. It features an optimized blower for increased blowing capacity, provides an electronic display for key operating information, and a quick release lever for simplified belt changes.


Product Specifications


Outside of US Only


John Deere, 4.5L, Interim Tier 4 engine, mechanically controlled 

Engine Power

74 hp

Top Speed 13 mph
Height 52"
Fuel Capacity 25 gal
 Standard Package LED light package
Tine Bar 5Bar - 6' 6", 7' 6", 8'6" & 9' 6"
6 Bar - 7' 6", 8'6" & 9' 6"
  • Auto-tensioning blower drive
  • Maintenance-free belt system that maximizes belt life
  • Quick-release lever for fast, tool-free, belt changes
  • Two-speed piston motor ground drive with double reduction gearboxes for extraordinary grade-ability and speed
  • High-efficiency hydraulic system
  • Electronic display for reading engine information, ground speed and fuel level


Sweeper Head

Posifloat Brush

Power-V Sweeper Head

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