2310 Sweeper


The 2310 sweeper is the most advanced entry level sweeper on the market.


It has features usually reserved for more expensive, full-size sweepers, which includes electronic control of the hydrostat, electric-over-hydraulic control of the air gate and chute position for infinite adjustability, and an auto-tensioning blower with quick release lever for tool-free belt changes. It also includes a new radiator screen that slides out horizontally to allow for easier cleaning.

Its best in-class continuously-rated horse power is delivered by a Hatz 4H50 Tier 4 final with NO DPF and NO DEF required. Options include traction valve and mud tires to help power through those challenging harvest conditions.


Product Specifications




Hatz 4H50 TIC, 2L, Tier 4 Final, 61 HP

Fuel Capacity

25 gal

Top Speed 10.5 mph
 Standard Package

Hydraulic control of air gate and chute position, ground speed indicator, LED light package, Brush Cab

Tine Bar

4 Bar - 6' 6", 7' 6", 8' 6"

5 Bar – 6' 6", 7' 6", 8' 6"

6 Bar – 7' 6"


Traction Valve

Mud Tires

  • Auto-tensioning blower drive
  • Quick-release lever for quick, tool-free blower belt changes
  • Improved operator ergonomics
  • Electric over hydraulic control of air gate and chute position
  • High-efficiency hydraulic system


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