B87 Tractor Mount Blowers

The Weiss McNair heavy-duty B-87 series blowers are designed to clean tree rows in the toughest harvest conditions. With an easy 3 point hitch and drive shaft hookup the B-87 one-way blower's superior performance meets all the requirements with plenty of reserve cleaning power. The B-87 series features can be easily adapted to farms, industrial parks, golf courses, race tracks, etc. for moving leaves and debris quickly and economically.

Product Specifications
Hitch Standard three-point.
Power 80HP P.T.O. @540RPM MIN
Drive Belt Five groove 5V powerband belt
Impeller Shaft 1 3/4" High carbon steel
Bearings All sealed and self-aligning
Impeller 6 bladed, 32" diameter, 18 1/2" wide, w/Bolt on blades
Chute All steel
Air Speed Discharge140 MPH
Air Volume 25000 CFM
Dimensions B-87: One-way: Height: 47 inches, Weight: 1050lbs
B-87: Two-way: Height: 47 inches, Weight: 1450lbs
1000 RPM P.T.O
Directional Chute
Berm Nozzle
Open Nozzle
Air gate control valve (when not using tractor remote)