Complete Line of Quality Nut Harvesting Equipment

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  • Sweepers

    We offer three key models with all the options to fit your sweeper needs. From the functional, versatile and economical JD40, to the comfortable, efficient, spacious JD80 self propelled sweeper with its comfortable Air Cab, Weiss McNair is ready to meet your needs.See All Models >>

  • Harvesters

    With five production models to serve you, including the 9800 series and the Magnum X, Weiss McNair has everything you need in sweepers. The first model built in 1968 by Dan McNair was known as the "Getzumall", a name that was adopted after many conversations with the first users of the harvester prototypes, who would frequently remark, "Yep, it's a good dependable machine, it sure Gets 'um all!" The machines have come a long way, but the heritage is fully intact!See All Models >>

  • Blowers

    Weiss McNair has been manufacturing 3 point tractor blowers since 1975. We invite you to peruse the B85 and B87 models. Depending on yourneeds, these blowers offer high velocity to quickly clean orchards, as well as industrial parks, farms, golf courses and parks.See All Models >>

  • Tractor Mount

    Tractor Mount Sweepers are designed to eliminate extra passes in your orchard. Wider sweeper widths mean faster harvesting and greater ground speed. We offer the Center Delivery V-Sweeper and the Side Delivery Sweeper to meet your needs.See All Models >>